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A. J. Teshin is a SAG/AFTRA session singer in Los Angeles.  He has sung on movie and television scores including Super Mario Bros, Lion KingDeadpool2Frozen, and HBO's Raised by Wolves.  He also produces classical vocal music recordings in his Hollywood studio using the artist name The Teshin Company. 


The Teshin Company's releases are selected, recorded, and sung by some of the finest singers in Los Angeles and Southern California (all of whom are Teshin's colleagues) specifically to offer a gothic and tranquil escape for your meditation, prayer or chill out. There is no religious component, and no affiliation with any church.  Currently, the repertoire is a mix of ancient and early music in addition to new and original works.


Drop yourself into a trio, an octet or a small ensemble.  Fill your ears with naked, a cappella singers in massive halls, echoey abbeys, abandoned alleys, and candle lit small alcoves.  It might help you to relax.  

We invite you to listen by clicking here! 

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