February, 2022

Thank you for finding us on your favorite streaming outlets.  We are happy to help our growing fanbase chill out and unwind from some of the disastrous things that are happening in our lives and around the world.  Hugs.  


This month's track is a medieval mashup vocal trio arranged by Phoebe J. Rosquist consisting of Green Grow'th the Holly, composed by Henry VIII, and the poem Whereto Should I Express?, written by Percy Dearmer.   The a cappella recording has Phoebe singing soprano,  you'll hear me singing Tenor, and Theresa Patten-Koeckert sings alto. 

Keep listening to January's release, Alleluia, by Christopher Wong!  Thank you for all the love you are showing to that track!

And remember to Relax. Meditate. Pray.   This music loves you. 

A. J. Teshin & Company

the teshin company